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Sephora Beauty Insider 500 pt - Laura Mercier

I have been patiently (well not so patiently) waiting for my points to build up enough so I could choose a 500 pt beauty insider product.  I finally had enough points when placing my recent friends and family sale purchase and decided to go ahead and turn them in for the box of small Laura Mercier products.  

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Beauty Insider 500 pt products, it is basically Sephora's version of a rewards system.  You build up points when you purchase products (I believe 1 dollar = 1 point).  You can then trade your points in for either deluxe samples or mini kits like the one shown above.  During check out there will be a screen that appears with 100 and 500 point products for you to choose from if you have enough points. Deluxe samples are 100 points each and mini kits are 500 points each.  

This particular kit contains the following 5 deluxe Laura Mercier samples:

1. Tinted Moisturizer spf 20 - Shade Nude (0.5 fl oz)
              Full Size = 1.5 oz @ $42.00
2. Foundation Primer (0.5 fl oz)
              Full Size = 1.7 oz @ $30.00 or 3.4 oz @ $40.00
3. Flawless Skin Face Polish (0.4 oz)
              Full Size = 3.4 oz @ $30.00
4. Full Blown Volume Last Building Mascara - Black (0.2 oz)
              Full Size = .4 oz @ $24.00
5. Eye Basics Eye Primer - Wheat (0.1 oz)
              Full Size = .25 oz @ $24.00

I will do a more in depth review after I have had a chance to use these products. The shade nude is the only shade available in the 500 pt kit.  Nude is the second to lightest shade that the tinted moisturizer comes in.  If this shade doesn't work for your skin tone then this kit is probably not worth using 500 pts on.  However, if the shade Nude works for you then this is a perfect way to try out Laura Mercier products without paying the high prices on something that you have never tried before.

Note:  I had a really hard time opening the Face Primer and Tinted Moisturizer containers.  I actually had to use something to pry the lids off of these two products. So don't be discouraged if you cannot initially open them :]

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