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Mark - Main Squeeze Lip Gloss in Papaya

The Mark Main Squeeze Lip Gloss immediately caught my attention on the website because of its unique shape.  This product is a limited edition round lip gloss that is available in the following shades:

  • Papaya Squeeze (pink - pictured below)
  • Honey Squeeze (nude)
  • Cherry Squeeze (red)

The first couple times that I applied this gloss it seemed a little awkward since the opening for the product is so close to the round shape packaging.  However, that awkwardness disappears and you are left with a really nice product!  The gloss is a great texture and I really enjoy how it feels on my lips.  The one problem that I have is that the papaya squeeze shade is essentially clear.  At first I just thought it wasn't showing up on my pigmented lips, but I also could not get any color when trying to swatch it for this post.  I cannot speak for the other two shades, but if you pick up papaya squeeze keep in mind that it's going to provide you with a clear glossy look rather than a pink lip.  If your in the market for a more sheer lip gloss, I would definitely recommend looking into this product.

To use:  The portion of the product that contains that actual gloss is soft and can be squeezed to force the gloss through the top!  

Full Size:  0.4 fl oz
Full Size Price:  $10.00

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