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L'Oréal Paris Infallible Lipcolour in Thistle - Review

I do not own much from any L'Oréal Paris cosmetic line, however I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I have enjoyed my first L'Oréal Infallible lipcolour. I originally bought this product to qualify for free shipping during one of my previous Ulta online orders.  I figured since this product had always caught my eye in stores, it was about time that I tried it out for myself. 

The concept of this product is to provide a lip stain on one side and a clear lip balm on the other.  It is a convenient concept that allows consumers to use a lip stain while also providing a way to avoid the typical dryness that results from these types of products.  

The directions on the back of the product recommend applying the lip stain to your lips and then waiting about two minutes for it to set before applying the lip balm.  I would suggest carrying this product with you so that the lip balm can be reapplied throughout the day.  

The reason I like this product so much is because once it sets, it barely transfers.  I am a fan of wearing some type of lip color to work but find that I end up removing it within 30 minutes because of it transferring to water bottles or other drinks that I have throughout the day.  However, this product does not do that and I have been extremely happy being able to wear a lip color that I only feel the need to reapply after lunch. I definitely plan on purchasing additional colors in the future!

I picked out the color Thistle from the Ulta website because it seemed to have a nice purple tone to it.  In person I find it to be much more pink/magenta which is something you risk when picking a color from a picture off of a website.  However, I have grown to enjoy this color and like that I ended up with a shade that I most likely would not have purchased in person.  Sometimes it is nice to branch out from our "safe" colors which for me tend to be neutral pinks and nude shades.  

Lip Stain with Lip Balm (left)  -  Lip Stain (right)

The picture shows a much more reddish orange color, but it is really more of a pink/magenta shade.  If you plan on swatching these products on your hands make sure you wash it off before it sets!  I had these swatches on my hand for a couple of days before I was able to completely remove it!

Full Size: 2.3 ml (.077 fl oz)
Ulta Price: $6.00 (currently on sale!)

Thanks for reading!

the beauty architect.

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