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Mark Representative Starter Kit - Part 2

In this blog post I will talk about the eye and check colors that were included in the Mark starter kit.  There were two eye shadows and one cheek color that seem to be fairly flattering shades for a wide range of skin tones. Each of these products also included a Snap To It Mini Custom Color Palette.  

The two Custom Pick Eye Shadows that were included were: 

- Tiki
- Biscotti 

Biscotti (left) and Tiki (right)

The Mark shadows are very soft and easy to blend.  I really enjoy these shadows and already owned two other shadows before becoming a representative.  

The Custom Pick Powder Blush included is called Sun Love Glo.

Just like the eye shadows, I also previously owned Mark blushes and found them to be available in a flattering range of shades.  

As far as the Mark Snap To It Custom Palettes, they are available in three different sizes.  The kit includes the mini size, however there are also a mezzo and mega palette available.

Mini Size

Mini Size

Mini can be used for the following:
- Two eye shadows
- One blush

Mezzo can be used for the following:
- Four eye shadows
- Two blushes
- Two eye shadows and one blush

Mega can be used for the following:
- Eight eye shadows
- Four blushes
- Two eye shadows and three blushes
- Four eye shadows and two blushes
- Six eye shadows and one blush 


Eye Shadow Size: 2.5 g (.08 oz net weight)
Eye Shadow Price: $5.00

Blush Size: .18 oz (5.2 g net weight)
Blush Price: $8.00

Mini Custom Color Palette Price: $4.00
Mezzo Custom Color Palette Price: $6.00
Mega Custom Color Palette Price: $8.00 


Thanks for reading!

the beauty architect.

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