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Bath & Body Works - Mint Chocolate

Bath & Body Works has always been one of my go to stores for lotion, body spray, hand soap, and candles!  However, I could hardly contain my excitement when they introduced my favorite scent of all time as a hand soap and anti-bacterial pocketbac. Now this scent is not completely brand new, as it was also in stores as wallflowers and various sizes of candles around Christmas time last year.  

The first thing I decided to purchase was the anti-bacterial deep cleansing hand soap.  This is my favorite soap at Bath & Body Works since it has the small exfoliating beads mixed throughout the product that always leaves my hands nice and smooth after each use.  As far as soaps, this scent is also available in the gentle foaming hand soap and the moisturizing hand soap.   The gentle foaming formula starts as a liquid and becomes a foam when used, while the moisturizing hand soap resembles more of a lotion.  

Full Size: 8 fl oz
Full Size Price: $5.50 for one, but B&BW are constantly offering deals such as 5 for $15.00

The second product that I picked up was of course the anti-bacterial pocketbacs!  I always have various scents of these cute pocketbacs in my purse and in my car.  They are a convenient size for travel and come in wonderful scents that are ever changing with new limited edition themed scents that are continuously released throughout the year.  

Full Size: 1 fl oz
Full Size Price: $1.50 for one, but B&BW always have an offer of 5 for $5.00

My opinion on the mint chocolate scent is simply that Bath & Body Works definitely got this scent right!  I think it smells exactly as the name implies and was just what I was expecting it to smell like.  Although this scent seems to make appearances throughout the year, I do believe that it is limited edition.  With that said I would not waste too much more time in picking this scent up if you are a fan of mint chocolate since I do not expect it to stay in stores for much longer!

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