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EOS Lip Balm with SPF 15 - Lemon Drop

EOS lip balms have been very popular among the beauty community on Youtube. After hearing about these uniquely shaped lip balms, I decided I should try one for myself. Since the lemon drop scent also includes a SPF of 15, I hunted down this product to purchase for the summer.  I actually had trouble finding this particular EOS balm and ended up ordering it at walmart.com since they were advertising free shipping! 

After getting my hands on this EOS balm, I finally know what everyone has been raving about! This product is extremely smooth and is very moisturizing on the lips. The lemon scent is really amazing, and it smells exactly like lemon cake :]  Also, it doesn't hurt that the packaging is cute and fun to use!  The only complaint I have about this product is that the scent name is not on the actual packaging.  The outer plastic that keeps the balm sealed is the only place that the name and description of the product is printed on, which of course you end up throwing away.  Actually, the name is printed on the bottom of the lip balm!  Nevertheless, I definitely recommend that you try one of these EOS lip balms, I know I will be trying out more scents in the future!

Full Size: .25 oz
Price on walmart.com: $2.96

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