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Gillette Venus & Olay Razor

Usually I just stick to inexpensive disposable razors and never really thought about trying out the ones that have replaceable cartridges.  One of the benefits to receiving a package from Influester is that you have a good chance of receiving a product that you would not have bought on your own.

This specific product was part of my Love VoxBox sent by the company Influenster. If you are interested in finding out how to qualify for your own VoxBox click HERE to read my blog post about the company. 

This particular product is a mixture of the Venus razor and the moisturizing properties of Olay.  The starter kit comes with one 5-blade razor cartridge, a Venus razor handle, and a small white holder with a suction cup for storage in the shower.

As soon as I opened the cartridge, I was immediately bombarded with the scent of summer.  I actually really enjoyed the scent and loved that it had a coconut/summer smell to it. The razor itself contains 5 blades and has an Olay moisture gel strip which allows you to use the razor without needing soap or shaving cream.  

I really have been enjoying this razor, and have found that not all razors are created equal.  I absolutely love that I do not need shaving cream with this product and find that it glides effortlessness over the skin.  I actually had to feel my legs after using this razor for the first time to make sure it was actually working!  I think this would be a fantastic first razor for those just beginning to shave.

My one and only complaint about this product is the holder that is included.  My shower has been refinished with slightly texturized tiles and unfortunately the holder pops off within seconds. I would assume that the holder would work with standard shower tiles, but I was disappointed that I could not use this feature. 

Overall, I do recommend this product.  The razor glides so easily that you can barely feel it on the skin.  Just keep in mind that depending on your shower tiles you may not be able to use the holder that is included.  Check out the Gillette website HERE for more information on this product and other Venus razors.  

Full Size Starter Kit: 1 razor cartridge, 1 handle, 1 razor holder with suction cup 
Price: $8.99-$10.99

Full Size Refills: 3 cartridges
Price: $14.99-$19.49

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