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T.J. Maxx - The Balm Kit

I have had my eye on The Balm products for quite some time but was not ready to pay full price for them.  So you can imagine how excited I was to find several kits from The Balm at T.J. Maxx for a fraction of the price that the individual products would go for.  Although each kit was tempting, I finally decided to purchase the one with the popular Mary-Lou Manizer face highlighter.

This kit is being sold at T.J. Maxx for $22.99 which is an incredible deal.  I will show the breakdown of each product and its individual cost so you can see just how much you are saving.  The Mary-Lou Manizer, mini buki, and lip plumping gloss can all be purchased on The Balm's website and Sephora.com.  However, the nail polish line is not available on Sephora.com.  

1.  The first product I will talk about is the Mary-Lou Manizer.  Like I mentioned above, this product is the whole reason that I purchased this kit.

The packaging is adorable on this highlighter.  The Balm definitely was paying attention to detail on this product.  Luckily, the product itself is just as impressive as the outside packaging.

This is exceptionally pigmented for a highlighter product, which makes it very versatile.  

Mary-Lou Manizer can be used in multiple ways:
  • Cheek Highlighter
  • Facial Highlighter
  • Inner Corner Highlighter (eyes)
  • Brow Bone Highlighter
  • Eye Shadow

Multi-purpose products are great for travel because they can be used in place of several items, making your travel cosmetic bag much smaller and lighter.  

Full Size: 0.3 oz (8.5 g)
Full Size Price: $24.00

2. The next product that caught my eye in this kit was the Plump Your Pucker plumping lip gloss.  

This gloss and smooth and easy to apply.  I love the smell of chocolate that this gloss has, although I do not know if the whole line of lip gloss has the same scent or if it is based off of each individual name.  Although I enjoy this gloss, I do not find that it is worth its full price tag of $15.00.  Nevertheless, it is a nice lip gloss and it will be great for everyday use.  

This lip gloss is in the shade Cocoa my coconut, which is a sheer nude color.

** I do want to note that the description on the back of the kit says that the lip gloss included is in the shade Pink My Lemonade, which is described as a soft pink.  Make sure if you pick any kit up at T.J. Maxx you pay attention to the actual products the kit includes and not just the back description.  It is possible these kits are showing up in T.J. Maxx because of the products and descriptions not matching up. **  

Full Size: 0.25 oz (7g)
Full Size Price: $15.00

3.  The third product in this kit is the Hot Ticket Nail Polish in the shade Princess.  

This shade is a taupe color with some silver undertones to it.  This product does have a strong smell of nail polish, but besides its smell it is a pretty color.  I find that I need two to three coats to get this shade opaque, but it is a lovely color that can be worn in the workplace or on an everyday basis.  As far as I can tell this nail polish line is not offered through Sephora, but can be purchased on The Balm's website.  

Hot Ticket Nail Polish in the shade Princess.

**The Balm's website does not currently offer this shade.  I do not know if it is exclusive to this kit or if this particular shade has been discontinued.**

Full Size: 0.5 fl oz
Full Size Price: $8.50

4.  The last product that is included in this kit is the Mini Buki.  

This mini kabuki brush is exactly as the name implies.   This mini buki is only a fraction of the size of a normal size kabuki brush.  It is very soft and really cute, but its size does limit what it can be used for.  At the moment the only purpose I see myself using this brush for is applying the Mary-Lou Manizer to highlight the cheeks. Although the brush is cute and well made, I do not see myself actually purchasing this for its full price of $12.00.

Here is a picture of the mini kabuki next to a full size kabuki brush:

Price: $12.00  (Sephora also offers the full size version of The Balm Kabuki Brush for $24.00)

For comparison

T.J. Maxx Kit Cost = $22.99

Individual Cost:

  • Mary-Lou Manizer - $24.00
  • Plump Your Pucker plumping lip gloss - $15.00
  • Hot Ticket Nail Polish - $8.50
  • Mini Buki Brush - $12.00

Individual Total = $59.50

If you are interested in seeing these products in a video please check out the haul below:

Thanks for reading!


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XOXO said...

This is such a great DEAL. You got this for more than half off. I need to shop at TJ Maxx more oftenm because I see that I am missing out on all the goodies. LOL

the beauty architect. said...

@XOXO I always forget about TJ Maxx! I need to start going there more often if they are going to have deals like this one.

Rebecca said...

I can't believe my TJ Maxx tried to charge $40 for this kit. I waited and waited, then it finally went on the clearance shelf for $10, minus the bag. I still want to check Marshall's for the Mary Lou/Betty Lou set.

the beauty architect. said...

@Rebecca I can't believe your TJ Maxx was charging $40 for the same kit! I just assumed that all TJ Maxx stores had similar pricing. That is ridiculous that they were charging almost twice as much for the same products.

Anonymous said...

hah wow i got this for $9.99 at marshalls :)

the beauty architect. said...

@Twilightfan50210 Nice! I will have to try Marshalls next time :]

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